Erectile Dysfunction- Impotence


Erectile Dysfunction is when a male has difficulty with either getting an erection or keeping one for long enough to allow penetrative sex.
It becomes more common and severe as men gets older.


A. Physical health

1. Hypertension
2. Diabetes
3. High Cholesterol
4. Obesity
5. Multiple sclerosis
6. Parkinson’s Disease
7. Stroke
8. Surgery
9. Hypospadias
10. Peyronie’s Disease
11. Hormone Imbalance.

B. Psychological

1. Feeling anxious
2. Guilty or Depressed
3. Stress at work
4. Partner conflicts
5. Unresolved issues about sexual orientation
6. Sexual boredom

C. Lifestyle

1. Drinking Alcohol
2. Smoking
3. Inactivity

D. Medicines

1. Medication for Hypertension
2. Medications for Depression

E. Cycling: Damage nerves

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

A. Self-help

1. Stop smoking.
2. Stop or reduced your drinking.
3. Become more active.
4. Eat a balance diet.
5. Reduce or manage the stress in your life.
6. If you are diabetic, control your sugar levels in the blood.
7. Stop the use of illegal drugs.
8. Use of medicine like viagra.
9. Alternative treatment like external vacuum pump.
10. Complementary treatment.

If you have any questions please let me know.

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