Breast Cancer

The Breast

It is made up of connective tissue, fat and thousands of small glands called lobules that produce milk during lactation. The milk is delivered to the nipple through tinny tubes called ducts.

Symtoms of Breast Cancer

1. Lump in the breast.
2. Area of thickened breast tissue.
3. Change of size or shape of one or both breast.
4. Discharge from your nipple.
5. Lump or swelling in your armpit area.
6. Dimpling on the skin of the breast.
7. Rash on or around the nipple.
8. Nipple becoming sunken into breast.

Types of breast cancer

1. Invasive breast cancer
2. Non-invasive breast cancer
3. Paget’s disease of the breast.

Screening for breast cancer.

1. Mammography screening
2. Genetic testing for high risk patient.
3. Self examination.
4. Breast Ultra-sound.
5. Having a biopsy.

Breast Cancer Treatment

1. Radiotherapy
2. Chemotherapy
3. Surgery
4. Hormone therapy.

Prevention of breast cancer

1. Reduced intake of alcohol.
2. Weight reduction
3. Exercise regularly.
4. Reduced intake of saturated fat.

Living with cancer of the breast

Find a support network to help you.

1. Family and friends.
2. Talk with other people who was diagnosed and survived breast cancer.
3. Find out as much as possible about breast cancer.
4. Do not overexert yourself.
5. Make and find time for yourself.

If any questions please let me know.

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