How to stop smoking

A good way to stop smoking is to establishes short and long term plan to achieve this challenge.

The best tips to stop smoking:

1. You need to find your reason like anything in life why you want to stop. To be motivated to stop, you need powerful and personal reason to stop. Some reasons are having a stroke, heart attack and lung cancer.

2. Getting over nicotine addictions. In smokers the brain gets use to the nicotine and craves after it. In the absence of nicotine withdrawal occurs.

3. Consider nicotine replacement therapy. They are gums, patches and artificial cigarettes. These can double your chances of stoping.

4.You can ask your family doctor about medications to stop smoking.

5. Do not try to stop smoking alone. Tell your friends, family and work colleagues.

6.Find other ways to deal with stress. Some people smoke because of stress and nicotine relaxes them.

7. Avoid triggers which cause you to smoke like alcohol, coffee or tea.

8. Remove all the ashtrays and lighters one you stop smoking the last cigarette. Clean your house and wash all clothes smelling of cigarette smoke.

9. You may have relapses but keep trying and trying again until you succeed.

10. Exercise since physical activity reduces nicotine craving.

11. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

12. Choose your reward that may be fun, from the money that you may have save from stop smoking.

13. Do it because it improves your health.

14. Keep a craving journal.

15. Manage your cravings by distracting yourself, reminding yourself why you quit, getting out of tempting situations and rewarding yourself.

16. Some people gain weight after stop smoking, so you need to manage your weight gain.

17. There is alternative therapy to help you stop smoking like meditation, behavioural therapy, motivational therapy and acupuncture can also help.

18. You can join online support groups.

19. You can join a stop smoking clinic.

20. The most important thing is take it one day at a time and not the end but the process in stopping.

All the best in working towards stop smoking and a better health.