Groin Strain

The groin area has about 22 muscles on either side along with their associated tendons. So the term groin strain or injury is often used as a general description of injury to one of these muscles or tendons. There is also overlying abdominal muscles which also pulls on the pelvis.
The most common cause of groin strain is strain of the abductor muscles of the leg at the tendon muscle junctions.
Groin strains are common in soccer players.
Muscle injury can take several forms ranging from minor to major damage.
The grades are: a. Grade 1- minor tear of a few muscle fibres.
b. Grade 2- tearing of more muscle fibres but the muscle still remain intact.
c. Grade 3- total rupture of the muscle.

Any injury to the muscle will cause pain, discomfort and inflammation. This will limit future function if correct rehabilitation is not carried out by the athlete.

Warm Up and Warm Down
When injured it is particularly important that you warm up with fast walk- at pain free pace for 3-4 minutes before you start your exercises.
This increases your circulation and blood flow to the muscles and helps prepare your muscles for the activity to come.
When you have finished your exercises, it is also important to allow your heart rate to slow down gradually by ending the session with a gentle walk for 3-4 minutes.
As part of the warm up and warm down you should also do stretches.
Groin rehabilitation:
1. Groin stretching exercise:

a. Adductor muscles: Squats and Sitting position with soles of feet place together.
b. Abdominal muscles: Prone lying; place the palms of both hand flat onto the ground keeping the hips on the ground and extend both arms to stretch the abdominal muscles.
c. Abductor muscles- inside thigh muscles; Standing: In the standing position , lift one leg to the side. Bend the knee of the weight bearing leg, keeping the back straight to feel a stretch on the inside of the straight leg.

Immediately after injury for 3-5 days is to reduced the inflammation with PRICE
P- Protect
R- Rest
I- Ice 5- 10 minutes.
C- Compression
E- Elevation.

Avoid HARM
H- Heat- hot baths, sauna.
A- Alcohol
R- Running
M- Massage.
These are counter productive to PRICE.

With all injuries you need to eat well and take extra supplementation of vitamins.

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